Health and Lifestyle Coaching- $125              
This 60 minute session with trained herbalist and raw food chef Tracy Duhs, will help get to the root of chronic conditions. You will leave with a customized herbal remedy and personally tailored eating plan that includes recipes.

Private Raw Food Training Session- $250              
This is a 90 minute private hands on session with local raw food chef, Tracy Duhs. Learn at your own level how to prepare the most vibrant, living foods on the planet.

QRA -Quantum Reflex Analysis- $125              
This applied kinesiology session tests the bio-energetic status of the body's key organs and glands using muscle testing and Accuscope technology on reflex points. This information can be useful in determining precise nutrients and the exact amounts needed to rapidly restore the ideal cellular resonance of that area.

Smooth Cellulite and Detox with Synergie               
Lose inches guaranteed*! Reduce the appearance of cellulite and detoxify your cells as you drift off to sleep while receiving a relaxing aesthetic vacuum massage.

Synergie may provide the following:
A full body detox
Help lift and tighten loose skin
Reduce the appearance of cellulite
Increase circulation and blood flow
A healthy alternative to liposuction and a tummy tuck
Great for athletes looking to reduce lactic acid in muscle tissue
*Inch loss guaranteed with package of 16 treatments
MORE INFORMATION ON SYNERGIE                                                                        
Detox Packages
Synergie Cellulite and toxin reduction aesthetic massage
Aromatherapy foot massage
Detox Tea
(Package of 1      $180)
(Package of 8      $975)
(Package of 16    $1,550)