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2016 Spring Wellness Classes

The Art of Infant Massage

Touch is your baby's first language with many benefits for you and your baby. In this class we explore the techniques to soothe colicky or fussy babies to help baby sleep better, create a routine for bonding with baby for the well-being of moms and dads, and skills to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Classes run for one hour and a half for four weeks so your baby gradually adjusts to your nurturing touch. Infant massage provides stimulation for all the systems of the body for healthy growth and development. Hormones released from touching help your baby relax and possibly sleep better. Touch can help reduce pain. Tummy strokes can help relieve discomfort from gas, colic, and constipation. The touching and loving interaction promotes bonding and trust for secure attachment. Parents will feel more aware and responsive to their baby's cues, feel a closer and stronger bond, help to relax and ease stress, and enjoy getting to know other new parents. Space is limited.

4 classes - $120

Session A. Saturdays at 10am-11:30am with Melissa Seeley

Begins Saturday April 2nd, 2016

Session B. Thursdays at 11:30am-1pm with Robyn McMasters

Begins Thursday April 14, 2016

Cultivating Happiness and Well-Being

with Teresa Zucchet

In our hectic lives, we often fall into autopilot mode – going through the motions of life without thinking about whether we are really creating the life we want for ourselves. In this series, participants will discover how to remove roadblocks and obstacles that are preventing them from living a more meaningful, gratifying and exciting life. Because living a life filled with joy is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves and others, and whether that life feels within our grasp or a million miles away, this workshop will provide the tools to get there one step at a time.

April 14th, 2016 Thursday at 7pm-8:30pm $25